Cleveland Golf Mashie Combo Hybrid - Graphite Shaft

Brand: Cleveland
Product Code: 2465

Price: £64.99

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Cleveland Golf Mashie Combo Hybrid - Graphite Shaft

With its Gliderail Sole, Retro-Raw finish, and Utralite Technology, the Mashie represents the best of what utility clubs bring to the table: versatility and function. Its also 30 grams lighter than most traditional utilities, meaning it provides faster head speed for more ball speed and carry. Gliderail (TM) Sole Design pronounced dual-rail design with subtle center keel. Improved playability and extreme versatility, making the Mashie longer from any lie. Retro-Raw (TM) Finish A precise tumble process produces this unique throw-back crown cosmetic. Designed to provide a rugged, bulletproof look that encourages versatile play. Mashie Ultralite Technology Action Lite Shaft

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