Powadrive Automatic 3 Stage Charger

Product Code: 2319

Price: £34.99

This "intelligent" charger is suitable for all modern golf trolley batteries and lead acid batteries between 17Ah and 22Ah automatically guarding against improper connection and accidental short circuiting. This is a 3-Stage charger that allows you to leave your battery connected until the next time you need it. Unlike 2-Stage chargers, which must be disconnected after charging to guard against 'cooking' your battery, this charger will switch itself off once the optimum charge is reached. If the charge then drops over a period of time this charger switches itself back on and tops up the charge. The whole process is indicated by LED lights. Full instructions included. Supplied with Torbery and Crocodile Clip connectors. A T-Bar adaptor is available seperately for charging batteries fitted with an Interconnect fitting such as Powakaddy batteries. ONE YEAR GUARANTEE. SIMPLE & FAST !

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