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Individually hand-forged CNC Milled wedges. The new Lynx Hallmark wedges are hand-forged from heat-treated 8620 mild carbon steel, to ensure tight tolerances and consistency. CNC milled faces create an extra soft feel and added spin/pitch control. The bounce on each wedge has been designed specifically for the European market, making even the barest of lies playable. With a profile and design unique to Lynx, these wedges offer superior, soft, solid feel and feedback by using the best materials and processes available. The Hallmark wedge features Lynx?s hallmark to illustrate the individual quality of each of these hand-crafted products. The F is for Forged, loft and bouce, and the milling icons demonstrate the CNC milling on the clubface. The Hallmark wedge comes in a classic satin finish, in a range of loft options including 48 50 52 54 56 58 and 60. LH available limited loft options. All Lynx wedges come with Black Gold FM shafts as standard and Golf Pride?s New DD2 grip.

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