Odyssey White Hot XG Teron Putter

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White Hot XG Teron Putter With a radical mallet featuring high-density perimeter wings and triangulated HD alignment lines, the Odyssey White Hot XG Teron is one of the most progressive models ever created. It also features the next generation of White Hot Technology. Inspired by proven, high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology, White Hot XG utilizes a multi-layer insert for incredible on-green performance. It combines two materials with different properties to take the level of feedback, feel and distance control to an extreme level. High-Density Perimeter Wings ? Increases MOI for a more pure putting stroke. Triangulated HD Alignment Lines ? Vastly improves accuracy. Elastomer Core Material ? Soft for great feel and highly resilient to get the ball rolling quickly on your intended line. Thin, outer striking surface ? Firm for fine-tuned responsiveness. Textured Impact Zone ? Enhances feel and clearly defines the sweet spot.

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